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Caltex service station Broadbeach
A heads up for anyone using the Caltex service station at Broadbeach (2745 GC Highway). I have just finished filing my car up. After trying a number of times to stop the pump on a nice round figure, I noticed that the pump was continuing to charge me for fuel (even though there was absolutely nothing coming from the nozzle). I left the pump running and went to indicate this to the attendant, and was asked if I had "jammed something in between the handle". I indicated that I hadn't, and that the pump was still counting up whilst I was standing here talking to her. I also asked her to come and observe for herself, even though she could see the pump still counting up on her console. She declined, and said" no, it's ok, I believe you", and then asked me to go and replace the nozzle (to switch off the pump). When I returned, she indicated that I would need to pay the full amount that was registered on the pump. I indicated that I did not feel this was fair as I was paying for something that I had not received. The attendant then indicated that I would need to take the matter up with either the manager, or general manager on Monday. The attendant then indicated that she would put an out of order sign on the pump. I need to pick Riley up from work at 3.00pm, so it will be interesting to see if the pump is still out of order. Not at all happy, as this is the second time this has happened to me at a Caltex service station. I'd love to know how many unsuspecting people this has happened to, and how widespread the issue may be. Rang again yesterday to be told no manager available, No reply from the Caltex service station again today. Latest update - complaint emailed to Caltex Australia, and complaint lodged with Dept of Fair Trading. See if either of those prompt a response from the service station. Extremely poor on their part.
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